Our Services

Sports-Related Treatments

•  Ankle sprain
•  Joint pain
•  Tendonitis
•  Stress fractures
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Diabetes-Related Treatments

• Yearly Screenings
• Neuropathy and circulation
• Diabetic shoes and inserts
• Foot care education
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Common Foot Treatments

• Heel pain
• Bunions
• Hammertoes
• Ingrown toenails
• Athlete's foot
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You Don't Have to Live With Foot Pain

Your feet are your body's foundation. So, when your feet are in pain, it affects your entire body. Taking the proper steps to treat foot and ankle pain you can restore your comfort and transform the way you feel. In some cases seeking treatment means getting surgery. However, you can find relief from many common foot problems through more conservative treatments such as medicine, orthotics, special shoes and physical therapy!

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Yearly visits to a Podiatrist Recommended
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An Investment in Comfort
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We treat all ages!
Albert A. Nejat, D.P.M.

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  Ask about comfortable and stylish shoes for diabetics.